“Thanks to Lillian’s one-on-one sessions, I now am more confident in navigating my daily communications with various stakeholders.”
~ Hessam K., Co-Founder & CEO, 3D Continuum

You want to make a bigger impact in the world.

You want to be a more effective leader. You know you have an important message or gift to share with the world. You want to find more balance. You want to find your dream job.

…but you’re feeling:

  • stuck
  • burnt out
  • unsure of how to get there
  • overwhelmed with imposter syndrome and “should’s” 
  • difficulty getting started or staying on track

If the above resonates, coaching can help. Coaching is a transformative one-on-one process that will help you clarify your vision and values, gain new resources and perspectives, and move into action on your goals. Coaching engagements typically last 3-6 months, depending on your goals.

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Escape Job Search Autopilot

You’re a purpose driven professional with10-20 years of experience. You’re looking for your next job, but you’re not feeling very inspired. Maybe you’re burnt out, stuck, looking to change your relationship to your work, or dealing with a recent layoff. Perhaps you’ve been in a similar position for a while, and you’re looking to pivot to something different; or you have an eclectic work history and you aren’t sure what would make sense for your next move; or you want to go for a higher level leadership role and you’re feeling strong imposter syndrome.

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