You lead a growing team, department, or organization. You’ve seen the research about how diverse teams drive innovation and productivity, and are crucial to an organization’s success. You want to lead in a way that is effective, inclusive, and equitable, but you’re not sure where to start.

The challenge

The global events of the last three years have only increased the urgency for real change when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The pressure to integrate inclusion & equity into every aspect of your organization is higher than ever before. Leaders are recognizing that hiring a diverse team is no longer enough; you also need the skills to effectively lead, retain, and engage that team.

The good news is: leading with equity is a set of mindsets, skills, and behaviors that everyone can learn.

The Solution

Our goal is to help leaders master the skills you need to lead in a way that is effective, inclusive, and equitable; and to help organizations embed the skills into your leadership systems.

Every leader, team, and organization is in a different place on their journey, so we often start our work with a series of assessments and interviews to determine what will serve your organization best. Our interactive training programs and one-on-one coaching provide leaders with skill building. Finally, we help you partner with HR to embed these new skills into your daily systems. 

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Why Lead with Equity?

Hi! We’re Ernesto and Lillian, Co-Founders of Lead with Equity. Between us we’ve spent over two decades in people-focused leadership positions, Ernesto in the healthcare and logistics industries, and Lillian in education, technology, and nonprofit.

What we noticed from our different vantage points was a common theme: individual leaders and entire organizations struggling to engage, retain, and promote people from historically underrepresented backgrounds. With our successes, failures, and learnings from our own leadership experiences, we figured we had something to share. Lead with Equity was born.

As CEO, Lillian leads the day to day operations, and does a lot of the coaching, workshop facilitation, and consulting. Ernesto serves as a strategic advisor while continuing his operations leadership role with one of the world’s top companies.

We want to walk with you on your journey to more effective, inclusive, and equitable leadership. We can’t wait to meet you!

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